We live for years in a hope that some day these irritating pimples will fade away and we will see our clear and glowing face once again, and that dream can only be fulfilled with the help of natural acne cure. Given below are 50 home remedies that have proved to be useful in dealing with any type and size of acne.

Home remedy no. 1: Papaya papaya

This natural fruit can surely cure acne. If you have ever noticed papaya is the main component of almost all the beauty products available in market today. But the thing to note is that papaya is best to be used in its natural form. Rubbing your skin with plain raw papaya leaves it fresh and fine. Use the papaya in mashed form to say good bye to acne scars.

Home remedy no. 2: Cloves

Cloves also are a great alternative to use if you want to get rid of acne. To use this, take a few cloves and place them on heated pan for a few minutes. It is kind of dry roasting them. Mix the roasted cloves with a small amount of curd sothat you will be able to grind them in the mixer. After this apply the so formed paste on your acne and pimples to treat them quickly.

orange peelHome remedy no. 3: Orange peel

Not only their taste is refreshing, you can even make use of the orange peel that we usually throw in the dustbin. You can eliminate the acne caused by pores clogging and bacterial infection with the help of orange peel paste. All you have to do is grind the orange peel and add some water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the skin regularly.

Home remedy no. 4: Fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth has amazing effect on both skin and hair if applied for a long time. Specifically talking about acne, the paste made by mixing fuller’s earth with rosewater is the best treatment according to long time sufferers of acne. You can get the powder of fuller’s earth from online easily. Take two tablespoons of fuller’s earth and mix it with rose water or milk. Apply this paste on you face to heal pimple fast.


Home remedy no. 5: Nutmeg with milkmilk-and-nutmeg

This home remedy for requires patience, but trust me it pays. You just have to prepare a mixture of nutmeg powder with milk and mask your face with it for about an hour. If you can manage to find time for this daily well and good, but if you are too busy just try to apply it twice a week.

Home remedy no. 6: Mint leaves

The refreshing green mint leaves are not only a treat to your eyes, but are also an excellent home remedy for acne. Take some fresh mint leaves and grind them to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it there to act for a while. You can also keep the mixture on your face overnight; it won’t be harmful at all.

Basil leavesHome remedy no. 7: Basil leaves

This herb has a great role in curing many serious diseases, and is also helpful in removing acne completely from your skin. If you want fast action, you can mix mint leaves and basil leaves together and then grind them to form a paste. Apply this paste on acne affected area. If you do not like the idea of grinding, boiling them together will also resolve the purpose.

Home remedy no. 8: Sandalwood

The woods of sandalwood are heavy, yellow, fine-grained woods.  Unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades. Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and use this to fade away acne and pimple marks. It is a nice skin lightening face pack for oily skin as it controls oils also.

Home remedy no. 9: Oatmeal mixture

Oatmeal alone acts as a drying agent for your sophisticated skin, but mixing it with other beneficial oils makes it a perfect treatment for acne. You can prepare the mixture by taking 2 tablespoons of oatmeal powder and mixing it with equal amount of lemon juice and olive oil. Oatmeal acts as scrub by removing all the dirt blocked inside the pores, and the rest of the work is done by olive oil and lemon juice.


Home remedy no. 10: Aloe vera

Aloe vera has excellent skin repairing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Due to all these it is the first thing that comes to our mind when we see acne scars. All you have to do is take an aloe vera leaf, tear it apart from the middle and the gel which comes out of it is what you need. Apply that gel swiftly on the acne scar to see it vanishing very fast. Repeat this practice two times a day till you feel the skin is uneven.

Apple cider vinegarHome remedy no. 11: Apple cider vinegar

This natural extract can be easily found in kitchen, and has an amazing effect on acne. Apple cider vinegar kills of the bacteria that may be a reason behind your acne problem. On the top of it apple cider vinegar maintains a pH of skin that is totally unfavorable for the bacteria to survive. All you have to do is mix 1 portion of apple cider vinegar in 3 portions of water and apply it on clean skin daily.

Home remedy no. 12: Curd

Curd is the easiest and most effective natural cure for acne. Curd acts as the mellow blanching operator. The fatty substance in natural curd acts as a great lotion & helps to tighten the skin too to reduce the acne scars. Sometimes you need to add a moisturizer like coconut oil to prevent excess drying of skin.


Home remedy no. 13: Tea tree oilTea tree oil

The benefits of tea tree oil on skin are innumerable. You might have come across this name earlier also whenever you have read about home remedies about any other skin problem. It is very effective for every type of skin problem, but specifically for acne it is the best treatment. Apply tea tree oil with the help of cotton balls on your skin and see the improvement in just a few days.

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Home remedy no. 14: Fenugreek seeds

Grind the leaves of fenugreek seeds and mix them with rosewater to make a fine paste. Leave it on your face overnight, or as long as you can to avail maximum benefits. This face mask not only treats acne, but also cures pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and all sorts of facial blemishes.

Lemon juice and mint juice mixtureHome remedy no. 15: Lemon juice and mint juice mixture

These two are the only things your face needs. You can apply lemon juice mixed with mint juice and apply on your acne and its scars.

Home remedy no. 16: Coriander leaves

Generally used for garnishing, coriander leaves have the capability to treat skin conditions like acne. Grind a bunch of coriander leaves with turmeric and add a pinch of camphor to this mix and apply on pimples to cure them.

Home remedy no. 17:Sesame seedsSesame seeds

Just like margosa, sesame also has numerous medicinal applications. Soak up sesame seeds in water and grind them to make a fine paste. It helps in fast drying up of the acne and pimples and makes them disappear even faster.

Home remedy no. 18: Pomegranate

Healthiest source of iron and greatest relief for acne sufferers is pomegranate. Roast the skin of pomegranate which wee generally through in the dustbin and mix this with rose water and apply this on your face to cure persistent acne marks.


Home remedy no. 19: Vinegar treated with saltVinegar treated with salt

Rub the affected area with vinegar with salt added to it. This beauty treatment opens up the clogged pores (due to accumulation of dust and pollution). It is the best acne remedy for people with oily skin.

Home remedy no. 20: Potatoes

When we talk about the cure for acne that make our skin look really bad, potato has much in store for us. We can easily say good bye to blemishes by rubbing a slice of potato on the affected area thrice daily, till the spot completely disappears.


Home remedy no. 21: Gram flourGram flour

This is one of the best remedies. It will not only remove, but also keep blackheads away. It will also remove excess oils yet maintains the moisture of your skin. Make a fine paste out of two tablespoons of gram flour and some rose water. Add in rose water until thick paste is formed. Later rub this all over your face and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing off. It is advisable for you to repeat this at least thrice in a week.


Home remedy no. 22: Turmeric and sandalwood

It is another trusted way to remove acne and whiten your skin naturally. All you need is two tablespoons of sandalwood powder, a teaspoon of turmeric powder and some milk. Add in the milk little by little until a thick paste is formed. Later, apply this on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off. These are some well known natural whitening agents and they remove impurities from skin effectively.


Home remedy no. 23: Garlic pasteGarlic paste

Apply garlic paste on acne and its scars and see how instantly the anti- fungal qualities of garlic help to remove pimples fast.

Home remedy no. 24: Radish juice

This is not available throughout the year, but if is real winters, you may get it at the grocery shop. Radish juice helps to dry up pimple when used topically on the face.


Home remedy no. 25: Groundnut oilGroundnut oil

Groundnut oil can be helpful in treating acne at home. Mix equal volumes of groundnut oil and lemon juice and apply on your face. This helps to remove pimples and redness from your face.

Home remedy no. 26: Egg white

Nothing can be more easily available than this in your kitchen. Application of egg white on the skin affected by acne helps to dry up acne and lighten acne scars naturally.


Home remedy A paste of milk, lemon juice and honeyno. 27: A paste of milk, lemon juice and honey

You can lighten up your skin complexion and at the same time also say good bye to acne with the use of honey, lemon juice and milk that are easily available at home. Take a tablespoon of fresh lime juice and mix it with equal amount of honey and milk. Apply this on your face and wait for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing with water. Lemon introduces dryness to your skin, but to its contrary honey acts as moisturizing agent, leaving your skin neutral.


Home remedy no. 28: Aspirin powder

If your pimple is creating the real trouble for you, all you need as instant pain reliever is aspirin. But you don’t have to eat it, applying itself is more than sufficient. Crush pain killer tablet aspirin in water and wash your face with this solution.


Home remedy no. 29: MarigoldMarigold

Crush marigold flower with castor oil and dab on your pimple to bring its zit to the top. Then suppress this pimple with basil and sandalwood paste to prevent it from erupting.

Home remedy no. 30: Coconut water

Apply coconut water on acne-scar to lighten them. Coconut water is very beneficial for lessening even chicken pox scars if use in initial stage. It is the most popular grandma recipe for reducing acne scars.


Lavender oilHome remedy no. 31: Lavender oil

Take a tablespoon of lavender oil and add it to almost 10 tablespoons of water. Lavender oil has anti fungal qualities that aid in healing acne, eczema, patches very effectively.


Home remedy no. 32: Cinnamon powder

You can also use cinnamon powder by making a paste of it. For making thick paste you can use either curd or lemon juice, take the quantity appropriate to maintain a pouring consistency. Cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory properties will kill the pimples and the moisturizing action of curd will make dry skin soft


Home remedy no. 33: Rose water mixed with lemon juiceRose water mixed with lemon juice

Lemon juice and rose water mix is an ideal cure for preventing pimple break out. This skin toner is best suited to oily and acne-prone skin.

Home remedy no. 34: Tea bags

Put two tea bags in a cup of boiling water. Keep them in refrigerator for a while and then immediately after taking out place in the area affected by pimples. This will reduce the pain and redness if any.


Home remedy no. 35: Turmeric

Turmeric alone can do wonders to your skin, but when mixed with milk and honey is a good home remedy for acne. Even if Turmeric root and powder on white backgroundyou do not have the problem of acne, you should apply turmeric once in a while on your face.

Home remedy no. 36: Cumin treated water

Take half teaspoon of cumin seeds, and boil them in a glass of water for a few minutes. Let the water cool down after straining the seeds from it and used it for washing your face twice in a day if you want to get rid of pimples.


Home remedy no. 37: Ginger pasteginger-garlic-paste-jpg

You can also resolve the problem of acne by applying ginger paste on the acne affected area, or take ginger juice mixed with a pinch of salt and dab on your acne to dry it up fast.

Home remedy no. 38: Coconut oil

Making use of natural oils is sometimes the best thing you can do to get rid acne. Especially during winters use natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil to treat your skin instead of chemical products.


Curd and egg whiteHome remedy no. 39: Curd and egg white

Mix curd, honey and egg white for smearing on acne and its ugly marks. This remedy is appropriate for skin fighting with aging as well.

Home remedy no. 40: Water

Yes, water in itself is a remedy to treat acne. Wash your face again and again, especially after workouts. And also drink a lot of water during day time to maintain the glow on your acne free skin.


Home remedy no. 41: Ice cubesdownload

When you see a pimple popping out, just place ice cubes on it for 5 minutes to suppress it and then dab clove oil on it. This reduces the chances of the pimple coming out.

Home remedy no. 42: Wheat grass

Unlike other remedies you do not have to apply wheatgrass, but drink the juice of the herb. Drinking wheat grass juice daily helps to combat acne in a much faster way than other remedies.

Melon seeds and cow’s milkHome remedy no. 43: Melon seeds and cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is not easy to find, especially the pure one, but if can manage to get it from somewhere, nothing can compete with it in terms of effectiveness. All you need to do is grind melon seeds with cow milk and apply the paste so formed on your face for a few minutes.


Home remedy no. 44: Cinnamon

Did you know cinnamon can be used to treat acne also? I am sure not. You simply have to grind cinnamon to make a powder of it. You can mix this powder either with curd, or honey to make a thick paste. Applying this paste once in a day will definitely give your acne free skin back with added glow and radiance to your face.


Home remedy no. 45: Tomatotomato

Most of you have eaten tomato in some form. Since childhood we have been listening to the health benefits of tomato. This is also one of them. Not only eating tomato gives you red cheeks but applying it is also equally beneficial. Mash a tomato and apply this mash on your face. Tomato reduces the pore size of skin to control oiliness of skin and preventing further break out of pimples.


Home remedy no. 46: Apple

Apple is my favorite fruit when it comes to eating, and favorite remedy if you want to get rid of acne. Just grate an apple and mix it with honey. Take this paste and apply on your face in such a way that you form a mask of it on the entire skin.


Lemon juiceHome remedy no. 47: Lemon juice

Not so commonly used natural product to cure acne, but lemon juice is surely effective. Lemon is the most easily available ingredient. Lemon juice is an excellent skin lightening agent. It is the acid in lemon juice that helps brighten your skin and make the scars less visible. It can, in fact, fade away freckles and lighten the dark scars faster. Not only scars, if you have swollen pimples, lemon juice can help reduce its redness too.

Home remedy no. 48: Margosa

Margosa leaves are a part of beauty soaps and some cosmetics also due to its power to heal skin ailments. But the chemicals ruin its power when you try to extract its benefits from cosmetics. It is hence a better way to use it in natural form. You can use the paste of margosa leaves and add turmeric to improve the results


Home remedy no. 49: HoneyHoney

Applying honey as a mask on your face introduces the antibiotic properties of honey to your skin and kills of the bacteria causing acne issue and prevents it from leaving behind any type of scar. Not only this, it also makes your skin glow with radiance. You have two benefits from the same product.

Home remedy no. 50: Cucumber

Cucumber is well known salad but its application for acne and dark circles is not much known. Grab a cucumber from kitchen, either mash it or grate it. Swiftly apply it on the area of skin affected by acne and pimples. You can blend the grated cucumber with camphor also before applying.