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Do You Know Baby Can Also Have Acne?

Acne is an infection caused by bacteria. It is a type of long term infection on your body that can last for at least 10 days but the upper limit can be dozens of days, several months or in some cases a year as well.┬áSymptoms of these infection can be vary depending on how severe your condition is and how old your lesions are. Symptoms of this virus can be baby acneirritating as well as psychologically disturbing. Anyone can get acne, from a toddler to young person and even old aged person are not safe of this virus. There are many reasons that causes and triggers this infection to rise up. There is a sebaceous glands in your body that produces a type of serum also called as sebum. Sebum is a type of glutinous substance that stops your skin of drying out. once in a while your sebaceous gland produces excessive amount of sebum when sebum don’t find a way to spread itself it starts swelling up your skin that leads to symptoms. In an another reason, your pores clogged up with a mixture of hair follicles and serum that forms so many rigid pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cyst on the skin. Your skin gradually keeps renewing itself in order to manifest new skin and it sloughed off dead skin cells. These dead skin cells get mixed-up with serum and hair follicles that causes blockage of your skin.

Symptoms of Baby Acne


Whether it is baby or a young man symptoms of this infection is same. In baby it usually infects cheeks and its surrounding area but that doesn’t mean that a baby may not get this infection anywhere else on its body. They can be infected from their back to chest. It is a common skin problem across the world that is often temporary and is not a life threatening and it often don’t need a treatment to get cured but in some cases it should be cured by dermatologist. When a baby gets infected with acne it can feel some red bumps or pimples, papules, pustules etc. Like acne in adults can last for several months or for several years, baby too can remain infected with this bacteria for several months. As I told you, usually baby acne doesn’t require any treatment as it can heal itself but some cases are exceptions.

How To Deal With Baby Acne?

baby acneFor those exception cases, treatment can be the same as it is in puberty cases. Either you can go for natural treatment or unnatural treatment the choice is yours but there are standards have been set to treat baby acne. Never scrub or squeeze your baby acne because it may irritate your baby skin and even can worsen the condition. Cleanse the infected area with lukewarm water two to three times a day but don’t use any soap. After cleansing, dry your baby skin with a soft cotton and go for some natural treatment options because these kinds of treatment often don’t produce side effects. You can try honey instead of trying synthetic options. Honey is a natural home remedy for any kind of infectious treatment. It has antibacterial as well as antibiotic attributes that helps healing in acne effectively. You can also think of using lemon, tea tree oil or baking soda that works as a drying agent. Using soda can help drying out your baby’s skin in no time. While treating your baby skin, keep patience as it can take a little longer time to heal.


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