Can olive oil treat acne?

olive oil
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acne-and-wrinklesHave you imagined your life where you have to visit your doctor on every even day to cure acne? I think there is no one who wants to spend his/her life like this. Everyone wants beautiful skin whether it is a male or female.  But I think women are more focused towards their looks. This article is for those people who want to make their faces clean and acne free. Thinking why I have used this (acne) word. Well, acne is certainly one of the worst skin problems that anyone can experience at any time. We used so many medicines to remove that breakouts but your face can look uglier when the breakouts go away. Because when they go, they left very bad scars on your face.

What do You Know About Acne?


Acne is a curable condition and you can get rid of this condition at home by using certain types of medicines and natural remedies. Do you know how anyone can get acne? It’s not like pimples. But this is caused by those ailments which are responsible for causing pimples. It is caused by dead skin cells, bacteria, polluted air, chemical products, and certain types of beauty products.  Acne is also called as common acne and acne vulgaris. This is a very common condition in teenagers and people considered as a growing part of their life from teenagers to an adult. As I mentioned there are many medicines to cure this condition like over the counter, prescribed creams and natural treatments. Have you seen anyone who uses olive oil for acne? No? People only considered this oil in cooking and some for their hair growth. People think that oil is bad for their face and by oil they are more likely to have acne. But that’s not true because acne caused by excessive oil production. If you use olive oil for acne in a correct amount or correct quantity, you can get rid of this condition.

Olive Oil for Acne 


Olive oil is very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, is a major component of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is a natural antibacterial agent that can remove the bacteria which can cause acne. It also has anti-oxidants which can reduce acne scars. It is very effective to minimize the severity of acne, inflammation and redness. Olive oil contains polyphenols which can help you to protect from free radicals. These radicals cause skin damages. The nutrients and the fatty acid of this oil can heal the damaged skin. This oil can effectively clean the dead skin cells and toxins that clogged the pores. This oil has vitamin E which maintains the skin’s PH level and makes your skin nourished. It is non-comedogenic (does not clog the pores) by nature, and this is the main reason why I am saying that olive oil for acne is the perfect cure.  So, these are some benefits of this oil, read below to know how anyone can use this olive oil for acne treatment.

How to Use Olive Oil for Acne?


1. Olive oil and sea salt scrub-

Sea salt exfoliates the impurities and excess the oil that clogged up the pores. Apart from that, it has the ability to maintain skin’s PH level. You just need to combine ¼ of both the ingredients. Wash your face with plain water then apply this mixture on your face.  Massage with this in a circular motion then leave it for 5 minutes. Wash it off with room temperature water.

acne and oilve oil

2. Olive oil and lemon juice-

Lemon juice contains astringent which can shrink the skin pores. Its powerful anti-oxidants fight with free radicals. Combine ¼ of olive and 1/8 of lemon juice mix both the ingredients. Then follow same apply this on your affected area and wash it off with normal water after 15 minutes.

These are some ways by which you can cure acne breakouts and scars very easily. Apart from these, you can use olive oil with baking soda and garlic. Or the most effective way to use this oil is alone. Just massage with this oil on your face and see the results. This is very useful oil but still, people are unaware that olive oil for acne can be the curing method. I think this is the perfect way to cure acne don’t you think so?



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