Tea Tree Oil and Its Use in Acne Treatment

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What Is Acne? How To Get Rid Of Acne?

Sometimes we feels rashes, red spots, blisters, itching in some part of our body. These symptoms can be irritating if not treated at its earlier stage. These symptoms can be of acne. Acne is a type of infection that causes above symptoms as well as blackheads. Whiteheads, cysts, pustules and pustule. This is a long term infection¬†and can last in your body for a week, months and sometimes for a year as well. The primary reason for these type of infection is when our pores filled up Acnewith hair follicle and clogged with a serum named sebum. Sebum is a type of gummy substance that is been produced by our sebaceous glands. Our sebaceous gland produces sebum that helps our skin to protect itself from drying out. Another reason that causes acne is that our skin keeps renewing itself and sloughed off dead skin cells. These skin cells sometimes mixed up with sebum and hair follicles that causes acne on our body. Due to excessive amount of sebum generation, sometimes it doesn’t find a way to utilize or elaborate itself and causes skin swelling on our body. These infections are not of a type of contagious infection that means neither it is going to infect anyone through you nor it can infect anyone if people come in contact with you physically. Symptoms of this virus may differ from person to person and it depends on how severe your condition is. Usually, we divide severity of acne into four type. These types are mild acne, moderate, severe moderate and severe.


Natural Treatments Available For Acne

There are several treatments available for this infection but today we will talk about one of the best effective treatment options for this kind of virus. This can be one of the best acne treatment options as it has antiseptic and antifungal properties that help our immunity to fight with acne bacteria. It helps Sebaceous glands to unblock that are blocked, prevent the possible outbreak and even kills acne bacteria and helps disinfect our skin. It also helps drying out our skin and helps heal our lesions. As it has antibacterial properties that helps our immune system to fight with acne naturally and can soothe our skin as fast as it can.  Tea tree oil Tea tree oil can be sensitive for some people so it is batter to check whether it bothers you or not. In order to check whether you are sensitive for this oil or not just apply one to two little drops of tea tree oil on your infected skin and see, is there any irritation, redness of the skin, born on lesion have risen up or not, if any of these symptoms did not occur then you are good to go and if anyone of these occurred that means you have to reduce down its intensity. To reduce intensity of oil you may use three to four drops of oil and mix it up with three to four drops of lukewarm water and then you can apply this mixture on your infected skin. To apply oil in a proper way here are some instructions that may help you. First wash your infected area with lukewarm water and a mild soap then try drying it snugly with a soft cotton. After water drops get clear off the skin take another soft cotton, soak it well with oil and apply it directly on infected skin softly. This process will surely soothe you from burning skin and painful lesions and will also help you overcome of this bacteria.


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