Use of Apple Cider Vinegar in Acne Treatment

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How does Acne Form?

Acne is one of the skin malady that is been infected by bacteria. These bacteria live just under our skin surface. This is a long term skin infection and is common across the world. These infection affects almost all the teenagers who are at their puberty stage of life. At this stage of life, our glands produce excessive amount of hormone that triggers symptoms of this infection. You have a sebaceous gland in your body that produces a glutinous serum also called as sebum. The main function of sebum is that it stops our skin from drying out. But sometimes sebaceous gland produces sebum iacnen an excessive amount especially when you are at your puberty stage of life.

Due to excessive amount of sebum production our internal skin is not enough capable of refraining these sebum and the reason of that these sebum start pushing up our skin and swell up our skin. Sometimes these sebum gets mixed up with hair follicles and causes a reason of blockage of your pores. The reason of that your skin gets infected and suffer of acne infection. Symptoms of this infection are blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, painful lesions, cysts, redness on skin, eczema and pustules Although these infections are not of a life-threatening type but it can put you into deep inferiority complex. The impact of acne is more psychological than physical. Generally, these infections don’t need an intense treatment as it can heal itself but some cases are the exception. These exceptions required the intervention of a dermatologist. So if you are bearing pain for so long time then you should see a dermatologist without any delay.

Treatment Options For Acne


There are so many medications available in the market that claims to treat acne effectively. Those might be true but they bring some side effects as well. So, I recommend you to not to go for unnatural treatment option instead you can try the natural treatment that is more useful than that of those unnatural products. Here i am going to talk about one of the effective treatment option when it comes to acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best treating option for acne. No one can deny the health benefit of apple cider vinegar. It is claimed that this vinegar can be helpful in many digestive problems as well as it has the ability to cure any kind of disease. Its antibacterial, as well as antiviral properties, helps our immune system to gain its strength. It defend us from harmful elements of the environment. apple cider vinegerIt also unblocks our pores and helps our skin to breath properly. It develops a vindicatory layer on our skin that helps bacteria out. Although it’s dirty smell may not soothe your nose but as a treatment option nothing can be better than this. So it may be better for you if you use this vinegar in the night before you go to bed. As there is no side effects of this vinegar but still in some cases it can irritate your skin just because of your sensitive skin. So before using it, it’s better for you to check whether your skin is too sensitive or not. To check the same, take a mild cotton soak it little bit with vinegar and apply it softly on your skin, after applying it look out the signs whether it is giving you any symptoms like burn, redness, or irritation if it is not you are good to go with this vinegar and if any of these occur mean you have to dilute its intensity by mixing five to six drops of lukewarm water in five to six drops vinegar. Then you can apply it again on the skin. So if you want your acne to go faster you must try vinegar option.


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